Serious credit without Credit bureau information.

Installment payments from other loans

Installment payments from other loans

A serious loan without Credit bureau information is possible primarily through foreign banks, especially the well-known Cream banks. For these loans, too, the bank evaluates the credit limit and thus the creditworthiness of the potential borrower, which is why proof of one’s own income situation must also be provided for a non-Credit bureau-free loan.

In addition, there is usually a list of the fixed monthly costs, which the borrower can prove using bank statements. In particular, this concerns items such as rent, current contracts and possibly installment payments from other loans. A serious loan without Credit bureau information does not ask Credit bureau, which in no way denies the creditor’s seriousness.

On the contrary, because when evaluating creditworthiness, the item of income still accounts for the lion’s share, which is why borrowers should therefore also have a fixed income, ideally above average.

This is the only way to guarantee that a serious loan without Credit bureau information is also issued by the lender and that the borrower consequently receives the requested amount of money. This type of credit is usually used by people who are already aware that their own Credit bureau entry has been debited with at least one negative comment. Instead of vying for a loan with a negative Credit bureau, it is often advisable to take advantage of the Credit bureau-free loan directly.

Pay attention to reputable lenders

Pay attention to reputable lenders

Seriousness is very important in the credit system, which is why borrowers should also pay careful attention to who the loan contract is ultimately concluded with. With the help of a renowned credit calculator, people can find a suitable lender who does not ask Credit bureau and is as cheap as possible.

Borrowers tend to have to assume that a loan without asking Credit bureau is always a little more expensive than a loan where the borrower has to prove his full creditworthiness. But that doesn’t mean that a serious loan without Credit bureau information must be expensive. Appropriate providers can, of course, be sorted according to the cheapest price and the best ratings via the loan calculator, provided this is not already happening.

This gives people who are considering taking out a loan a quick overview of the customer friendliness and seriousness of the lender. The bank itself can always be classified as dubious if it demands various processing fees from the borrower before the actual borrowing. If fees are incurred, then only if a loan together with the requested amount has actually been approved by the bank and not in advance.

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