An immediate credit took us on vacation


I asked for immediate credit and I’m going to Paris for five days with my wife!

Our urgent loan brought Andrino and his wife to Paris, and they wanted to share their experience with us:

It is the first time that I request a loan online. My wife has been unemployed for a year and a half and I hardly have vacations because I do all the overtime I can. She no longer receives a grant, so we are a little fair with the mortgage and some occasional expenses. We haven’t had a vacation in almost two years and I wanted to surprise him.


I asked for immediate credit to surprise

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I looked for a company that would grant us a loan immediately without the need for payroll or other complicated procedures, that’s why I found Cream Credit, with them it is quick to get and very easy: in less than 24 hours I had the money.

My wife always wanted to know Paris, and since I had five days available at Easter, it was a perfect time. I asked for your help, it was simple and I was really surprised with the agility of the process. With the offers of flights and hotels, the trip was almost 600 dollars. And in my case I can return it in 24 months, almost we will not find out. For us it is a great illusion.


A quick, easy and comfortable loan

A quick, easy and comfortable loan

I just wanted to tell everyone: the money was easy to come by, the conditions have been comfortable and bearable, and it means a lot to us. We needed to take a moment for ourselves, and thanks to Cream Credit we were able to treat ourselves.

Without the advance we would have been very fair, and I like having a small mattress for other contingencies. With this formula we keep our savings and we pay comfortably and almost without realizing it.


Discover Paris thanks to Cream Credit

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So I wanted to share my experience: to encourage people to fulfill their little dreams and take time to enjoy the things that really matter. With this help, my wife and I will get to know one of the most beautiful cities in the world and we will have a few days for ourselves … It was our turn! It is much more than money: it is the face of my wife when she discovers the surprise, it is getting lost together in Montmartre, having a coffee on the Champs Elysées or taking some photos in the Eiffel Tower, relaxing and having a well- deserved rest after a long time. My wife deserves it.


Go on vacation thanks to an immediate credit

Go on vacation thanks to an immediate credit

What are you waiting for so you can go on vacation? Ask for your fast line of credit so you can get away at Easter! And if you want to share your story on the blog with us, contact us.

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